Donna Jo Napoli

Donna Jo Napoli

Donna Jo Napoli (born 1948) is an author of children's and young adult books, as well as a prominent linguist who has worked in syntax, phonetics, phonology, morphology, historical and comparative linguistics, Romance studies, structure of Japanese, structure of American Sign Language, poetics, writing for ESL students, and mathematical and linguistic analysis of folk dance.


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Book Covers
The Prince of the Pond
The Magic Circle
Jimmy: The Pickpocket of the Palace
Song of the Magdalene
Stones in Water
Crazy Jack
Daughter of Venice
The Great God Pan
Gracie: The Pixie of the Puddle
The King of Mulberry Street
Fire in the Hills
Hush: An Irish Princess' Tale
Mogo, the Third Warthog
The Wager
Lights on the Nile

Speculative Fiction Novels (15)

2014 | fantasy, history, young adult

2011 | fantasy, young adult

2010 | fantasy, young adult

2008 | fantasy, childrens
(The Prince of the Pond)
2004 | fantasy, childrens

2003 | fantasy, young adult

2003 | fantasy, history, young adult

2000 | fantasy, young adult

1999 | fantasy, young adult

1999 | fantasy, young adult

1998 | fantasy, young adult

1996 | fantasy, young adult
(The Prince of the Pond)
1995 | fantasy, childrens

1993 | fantasy, young adult
(The Prince of the Pond)
1992 | fantasy, childrens

Others non-spefi books (8)

2007 | history, young adult

2006 | history, young adult

2005 | history, young adult

2004 | history, young adult

2002 | history, young adult

2001 | childrens, mainstream

1997 | history, young adult

1996 | history, young adult