Michelle Belanger

Michelle Belanger

Michelle Belanger is an American author, singer and prominent advocate of the vampire lifestyle community, a self-described "psychic vampire", and an active speaker and commentator for those interested in vampires and vampirism. She has authored several books on vampirism, paranormal and occult research, has appeared in television documentaries about magic and modern occultism, and formed a club or coven for psychic vampires, called House Kheperu. Belanger has performed as a vocalist with Gothic music bands, such as URN and Nox Arcana.

Belanger is also involved in BDSM and polyamory lifestyles. She is an advocate for alternative sexuality and kink (as well as safety and responsibility therein) and has spoken at scene events and conventions on topics such as erotic biting, knife play and erotic energy work. In her profiles for such events she notes she has worked as a fetish model and dominatrix.

Born intersex, Belanger had corrective surgery upon her birth. When referencing the event she says she prefers to use the term hermaphrodite as she is fond of the poetic origins of the word.


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2015  Conspiracy of Angels (Novels of the Shadowside, #1)
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2009  This Heart of Flame
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2006  These Haunted Dreams
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