Michael Boatman

Michael Boatman

Michael Patrick Boatman (born 1964) is an Image Award-nominated American actor and writer. He is best known for his roles as U.S. Army Specialist Samuel Beckett in the ABC drama series China Beach, as New York City mayoral aide Carter Heywood in the ABC sitcom Spin City, and as sports agent Stanley Babson in the HBO comedy series Arli$$.


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Speculative Fiction Novels (5)
2016  Who Wants to be the Prince of Darkness?
/stars/0.png (fantasy)
2014  Last God Standing
/stars/0.png (fantasy)
2013  Revenant Road
/stars/0.png (horror)
2009  The Revenant Road
/stars/0.png (fantasy, horror)
2007  God Laughs When You Die
/stars/0.png (fantasy, horror, short stories)

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