Louise Carey

Louise Carey

Louise Carey is a fantasy and science-fiction author. She has co-written two novels for Gollancz, The City of Silk and Steel and The House of War and Witness, as well as a graphic novel, Confessions of a Blabbermouth, for DC Comics. She co-runs the Dungeons & Dragons blog Tabletop Tales. Louise lives in Welwyn Garden City with her partner. When she's not writing, she can usually be found playing board games, reading horror, or DMing for a group of rowdy but well-intentioned adventurers.

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Book Covers
The Steel Seraglio
The House of War and Witness
Inscape (Inscape #1)7.34
Outcast (Inscape #2)
Book Three of the Inscape (untitled) (Inscape #3)

Speculative Fiction Novels (5)

(Inscape #3)
2025 | science fiction, thriller | Release date TBA
(Inscape #2)
2022 | science fiction, thriller | Release date January 20, 2022
(Inscape #1)
2021 | science fiction, thriller

2014 | fantasy, history

2012 | fantasy