Sandra Miesel

Sandra Miesel

Sandra Louise Miesel (born Sandra Louise Schwartz, 1941) is an American medievalist, writer and science fiction and fantasy fan. Her early work was science fiction and fantasy criticism, fields in which she has remained active. She is a literary analyst; has described herself as "the world's greatest expert" on Poul Anderson and Gordon R. Dickson, and has written front and back matter for many of Anderson's books.

She is the leading expert on Dickson's Childe Cycle series of novels, and has written a number of commentaries which have been published with the books in that series, including an afterword in The Final Encyclopedia, as well as an essay in The Dorsai Companion. She also worked with Dickson in putting together a detailed timeline of the series, in order to set exact dates for the events and people in the often overlapping stories.


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