Patrick McCabe

Patrick McCabe

Patrick McCabe (born 1955) is an Irish novelist, known for his mostly dark and violent novels set in contemporary, often small-town, Ireland. His books include The Butcher Boy (1992) and Breakfast on Pluto (1998), both shortlisted for the Booker Prize. He has also written a children's book (The Adventures of Shay Mouse) and several radio plays broadcast by the RTÉ and the BBC Radio 4. The Butcher Boy and Breakfast on Pluto have both been adapted into films by Irish director Neil Jordan. He wrote a collection of linked short stories, Mondo Desperado, published in 1999. The play Frank Pig Says Hello, which he adapted from The Butcher Boy, was first performed at the Dublin Theatre Festival in 1992 and of course his singles 'Swimming Pool' and 'Ballad of Audrey Dash' and residences at The Bridge Mall Inn and the Mallow Hotel.

The play Appointment in Limbo written by McCabe was premiered by Zelig Theatre in Galway's Town Hall Theatre in 2008. It was directed by Cathal Cleary.

His recent novel, Emerald Germs of Ireland (2001), is a black comedy featuring matricide. Winterwood, was published in 2006, and was named the 2007 Hughes & Hughes/Irish Independent Irish Novel of the Year. The Holy City was published in 2009. McCabe lives in Clones with his wife artist Margot Quinn and two daughters, Katie and Ellen. The Stray Sod Country is his most recent novel, described as "Strangely elegiac, gloriously operatic and driven by Patrick McCabe's wild and savage imagination, the 'Stray Sod Country' is an eerie folk tale that chronicles the passing of a generation."

McCabe and film director Kevin Allen are organizers of the Flatlake Festival a music festival held annually.


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