James Smythe

James Smythe

A native of London, James Smythe holds a Ph.D. from Cardiff University. He has taught creative writing and is currently writer/narrative designer for a major forthcoming video game. He lives on the grounds of a boarding school in West Sussex.

James Smythe also writes under the pseudonym of J. P. Smythe.

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Book Covers
The Explorer (The Anomaly Quartet #1)
The Machine
The Echo (The Anomaly Quartet #2)
No Harm Can Come to a Good Man
I Still Dream
The Edge (The Anomaly Quartet #3)

Speculative Fiction Novels (6)

(The Anomaly Quartet #3)
2021 | science fiction

2018 | science fiction

2014 | science fiction, thriller
(The Anomaly Quartet #2)
2014 | science fiction
(The Anomaly Quartet #1)
2013 | science fiction

2013 | science fiction