Theresa Tomlinson

Theresa Tomlinson

Theresa Tomlinson (born 1946) is a children's author.


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Book Covers
The Forestwife (The Forestwife Trilogy #1)
Child of the May (The Forestwife Trilogy #2)
The Path of the She-Wolf (The Forestwife Trilogy #3)
The Forestwife Trilogy
The Moon Riders (Troy and the Warrior Women #1)
Voyage of the Snake Lady (Troy and the Warrior Women #2)

Speculative Fiction Novels (6)

(Troy and the Warrior Women #2)
2004 | fantasy, history, young adult
(Troy and the Warrior Women #1)
2003 | fantasy, history, young adult
(The Forestwife Trilogy)
2003 | fantasy, collection, young adult
(The Forestwife Trilogy #3)
2000 | fantasy, young adult
(The Forestwife Trilogy #2)
1998 | fantasy, young adult
(The Forestwife Trilogy #1)
1993 | fantasy, young adult