Kevin L. Donihe

Kevin L. Donihe lives in Tennessee. He is the Wonderland Award-winning author of House of Houses, Space Walrus, Night of the Assholes, The Traveling Dildo Saleman, The Flappy Parts, Washer Mouth: The Man Who Was a Washing Machine, The Greatest Fucking Moment in Sports, Shall We Gather at the Garden?, and Grape City from Eraserhead Press or its imprints.

His fiction and poetry has appeared in The Mammoth Book of Legal Thrillers (Carroll & Graf/Constable & Robinson), Psychos: Serial Killers, Depraved Madmen, and the Criminally Insane (Black Dog & Leventhal), ChiZine, Electric Velocipede, Dark Discoveries, The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction, Dreams and Nightmares, Not One of Us, Bathtub Gin, Cafe Irreal, Poe's Progeny (Gray Friar Press), The Undead (Permuted Press) and many other publications.

He was editor of the Bare Bone anthology series for Raw Dog Screaming Press. A story from the first issue was reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 13; many others received honorable mentions in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. Currently, Kevin L. Donihe is the editor of the Eraserhead Press New Bizarro Author Series.

He is also the world's oldest living wombat.

Edited by 2012-08-30 (Seregil of Rhiminee)
Speculative Fiction Novels (10)
2012  Space Walrus
(science fiction)
2011  The Traveling Dildo Salesman
(fantasy, horror, short stories)
2010  Night of the Assholes
2010  The Flappy Parts
2009  Washer Mouth: The Man Who Was a Washing Machine
2008  House of Houses
2006  Grape City
2006  The Greatest Fucking Moment in Sports
2005  Ocean of Lard
2001  Shall We Gather at the Garden?