Alexei Panshin

Alexei Panshin

Alexis Adams Panshin (born 1940) is an American science fiction and fantasy author and critic. He has written critical works and novels, including the 1968 Nebula Award-winning novel Rite of Passage. He writes under the name Alexei and is called Alexei by his family.

The first widely public noticed book of his was Heinlein In Dimension. Robert A. Heinlein was strongly against to it, and attempted to stop its publication, threatening to sue the publishers. As a result, sections were published in fanzines, winning a Hugo award for best fan activity. That, in turn, helped the book achieve professional publication.

He has published eleven books, four of them with his wife Cory. They also won together Hugo award for Best Non-Fiction Book in 1990 for The World Beyond the Hill.

Many of Alexei Panshin's books are being republished by Phoenix Pick, an imprint of Arc Manor Publishers.


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Books by Alexei Panshin
Heinlein in Dimension: A Critical Analysis N/A
Rite of Passage N/A
Star Well (Anthony Villiers #1) N/A
The Thurb Revolution (Anthony Villiers #2) N/A
Masque World (Anthony Villiers #3) 8.00   1
Farewell to Yesterday's Tomorrow N/A
SF in Dimension: A Book of Explorations N/A
Earth Magic N/A
Transmutations: A Book of Personal Alchemy N/A
The World Beyond the Hill: Science Fiction and the Quest for Transcendence N/A
New Celebrations: The Adventures of Anthony Villiers N/A

Speculative Fiction Novels (8)

(Anthony Villiers)
2002 | science fiction, collection

1982 | science fiction, short stories

1978 | fantasy

1975 | science fiction, short stories
(Anthony Villiers #3)
1969 | science fiction
(Anthony Villiers #2)
1968 | science fiction
(Anthony Villiers #1)
1968 | science fiction

1968 | science fiction

Others non-spefi books (3)

1989 | non-fiction

1976 | non-fiction

1968 | non-fiction