Mats Strandberg

Mats Strandberg

Mats Strandberg (born 1976) is a Swedish author and journalist. Strandberg is a columnist in Aftonbladet. His debut novel was Jaktsäsong, published in 2006. His young adult fantasy novel Cirkeln, written together with Sara Bergmark Elfgren and published in 2011, was an August Prize nominee in the youth literature category.


Mats Strandberg. Wikipedia.

Photo: Swedish fantasy writer Mats Strandberg at Swecon 2012, Uppsala (Sweden). Photo author: Arild Vågen. Photo source: Wikimedia Commons.

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Book Covers
The Circle (The Engelsfors Trilogy #1)7.80
Fire (The Engelsfors Trilogy #2)8.26
The Key (The Engelsfors Trilogy #3)8.10
Blood Cruise7.16
The Home7.92

Speculative Fiction Novels (5)

2020 | horror, thriller, mystery

2018 | horror
(The Engelsfors Trilogy #3)
2015 | fantasy, young adult
(The Engelsfors Trilogy #2)
2013 | fantasy, young adult
(The Engelsfors Trilogy #1)
2012 | fantasy, young adult