Daniel Ingram-Brown

Daniel Ingram-Brown

Born in East London, Daniel now lives in Knaresborough, Yorkshire, in a house built of stones from the town’s ruined castle.

"I love the mystery of this little town," Daniel says. "As I walk its ancient marketplace, passing leaning shops and jumbled pubs, it feels as if my characters might leap out from every corner!"

Daniel particularly likes to write by the river, where the famous prophetess, Mother Shipton once lived.

"The river is a thin place, a liminal space where conscious and unconscious meet. I find it very creative."

As well as being an author, Daniel works in the field of performance. Currently, he is Artistic Director of Suitcase and Spectacles Children's Theatre, and is part of the artistic direction team for Pointed Arrow Performance. He has led numerous community theatre projects that explore how stories shape us and what mark they leave on the places we live.

Daniel is interested in exploring philosophical and spiritual questions in fun and engaging ways that inspire children to think and to wonder.


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