Isobel Noble

Isobel Noble

Isobel Noble is an author, artist, editor, and publisher. Her children’s book, Louis, Elvis, and Ludwig (MacMillan Publishing) won the Philadelphia Art Critics’ Award of Excellence. Isobel has had poems and short stories published in many publications, including The Berkshire Review. She majored in Film & Television at NYU’s School of the Arts. Isobel grew up on Long Island in New York, and now resides in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.


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Books by Isobel Noble
The Tent City (Ruin #1) N/A
The City of Life (Ruin #2) N/A
The City in the Sea (Ruin #3) N/A

Speculative Fiction Novels (3)

(Ruin #3)
2007 | science fiction
(Ruin #2)
2006 | science fiction
(Ruin #1)
2005 | science fiction