Simon Morden

Simon Morden

Dr. Simon Morden, B.Sc. (Hons., Sheffield) Ph.D (Newcastle) is a bona fide rocket scientist, having degrees in geology and planetary geophysics. Unfortunately, that sort of thing doesn’t exactly prepare a person for the big wide world of work: he’s been a school caretaker, admin assistant, and PA to a financial advisor. He’s now employed as a part-time teaching assistant at a Gateshead primary school, which he combines with his duties as a house-husband, attempting to keep a crumbling pile of Edwardian masonry upright, wrangling his two children and providing warm places to sleep for the family cats.

His not-so-secret identity as journeyman writer started when he sold the short story Bell, Book and Candle to an anthology, and a chaotic mix of science fiction, fantasy and horror followed. Heart came out to critical acclaim, and Another War was shortlisted for a World Fantasy Award, but with The Lost Art, things suddenly got serious. Contracts. Agents. Deadlines. Responsibility. Scary stuff. The Lost Art was subsequently a finalist for the Catalyst Award for best teen fiction.

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Series by Simon Morden
Metrozone (5 books)
Down Station (2 books)
One Way (2 books)

Books by Simon Morden
Another War N/A
The Lost Art N/A
Equations of Life (Metrozone #1) 8.50   2
Theories of Flight (Metrozone #2) 10.00   1
Degrees of Freedom (Metrozone #3) 10.00   1
The Curve of the Earth N/A
The Petrovitch Trilogy 10.00   1
Arcanum N/A
Down Station (Down Station #1) N/A
The White City (Down Station #2) N/A
At the Speed of Light N/A
One Way (One Way #1) N/A
No Way (One Way #2) 7.00   1
Macsen Against the Jugger N/A
Gallowglass 7.34   3

Speculative Fiction Novels (15)

2020 | science fiction

2019 | science fiction
(One Way #2 of 2)
2019 | science fiction, thriller
(One Way #1 of 2)
2018 | science fiction, thriller

2017 | science fiction
(Down Station #2 of 2)
2016 | science fiction
(Down Station #1 of 2)
2016 | science fiction

2014 | fantasy, alternate history
2013 | science fiction
2013 | science fiction, collection
(Metrozone #3 of 3)
2011 | science fiction
(Metrozone #2 of 3)
2011 | science fiction
(Metrozone #1 of 3)
2011 | science fiction

2008 | science fiction

2005 | science fiction