Bob Shaw

Bob Shaw, born Robert Shaw, (1931–1996) was an Irish science fiction author.


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Book Covers

Night Walk
The Two-Timers
The Palace Of Eternity
Shadow of Heaven
One Million Tomorrows
Ground Zero Man
Other Days, Other Eyes
Tomorrow Lies In Ambush
Orbitsville (The Orbitsville Trilogy, #1)6.04
Cosmic Kaleidoscope
A Wreath of Stars
Who Goes Here? (The Warren Peace Saga, #1)6.76
Medusa's Children
Ship of Strangers
Dagger of the Mind
The Ceres Solution
Galactic Tours: Thomas Cook Out of This World Vacations
A Better Mantrap
Orbitsville Departure (The Orbitsville Trilogy, #2)
Fire Pattern
The Ragged Astronauts (Land and Overland, #1)
The Wooden Spaceships (Land and Overland, #2)
The Fugitive Worlds (Land and Overland, #3)
Killer Planet
Dark Night in Toyland
Orbitsville Judgement (The Orbitsville Trilogy, #3)
Warren Peace (The Warren Peace Saga, #2)