Damien D\'Enfer

Damien D'Enfer

Damien D’Enfer was born a Scorpio under a blue moon in 1976 New Orleans. His mother, an fifth generation descendent of Marie Laveau, told him such children “have powers ten-fold over the rest and are usually witches and warlocks.” It was a belief she held firmly to until her death in 2005.

Damien has dabbled in many trades, from Bourbon Street go-go boy (if you ever meet him, ask him to show you the trick with the washcloth), to hot dog cart-repairer, to several stints in both the Merchant Marines and the Orleans Parish House of Detention. (The latter was more fun than the former, Damien says). Damien has had a colorful life, seen the world and less importantly, written for a variety of magazines, his favorite being as a film reviewer for Hustler, writing under the pseudonym Veronica Black.

This is Damien’s first foray into the world of self-published short stories. He sincerely hopes you enjoy Nganga, the virgin tale in a series of dark, erotic crime stories set in the supernatural underworld of Miami.

Damien never believed his mother’s claims about his birth. Until he wrote Nganga. Now, he’s not too sure.


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