Megan Lindholm

Megan Lindholm

Megan Lindholm is alias for Margaret (Megan) Lindholm Ogden. She also writes as Robin Hobb.

Lindholm was born in 1952 in California, US. She is married with sailor Fred Ogden and they have four children and grandchildren. She lives in Tacoma, Washington with her cats and youngest child.

For most of her teen years Lindholm lived in Fairbanks, Alaska. She majored in Communications at Denver University, Colorado. She worked as a journalist in Kodiak and wrote fairy tales to children's magazines. She has always been a keen reader and already knew as a child that she wanted to be an author. She sold her first story when she was 18. In 1971 she started writing as Megan Lindholm. Her first book came out in 1983.

When she started writing the Farseer trilogy, she felt that this epic fantasy was so unlike from anything Lindholm would write that she chose a new pen name. (Also there was some economical reasons as well.) Lately mostly short stories have been published under Lindholm name.


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Photo: Lindholm at Worldcon 2005 in Glasgow. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Photographer: Szymon Sokół.

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Book Covers
Harpy's Flight (Windsingers (Ki & Vandien) #1)7.72
The Windsingers (Windsingers (Ki & Vandien) #2)7.86
The Limbreth Gate (Windsingers (Ki & Vandien) #3)7.86
Wizard of the Pigeons8.84
The Reindeer People (Saga of the Reindeer People #1)6.38
Wolf's Brother (Saga of the Reindeer People #2)7.00
Luck of the Wheels (Windsingers (Ki & Vandien) #4)7.62
Cloven Hooves8.50
Alien Earth8.14
The Gypsy7.60
The Inheritance8.58

Speculative Fiction Novels (11)

2011 | science fiction, fantasy, short stories

1992 | science fiction

1992 | fantasy > urban fantasy

1991 | fantasy
(Windsingers (Ki & Vandien) #4)
1989 | fantasy > high fantasy
(Saga of the Reindeer People #2)
1988 | fantasy > high fantasy
(Saga of the Reindeer People #1)
1988 | fantasy > high fantasy

1986 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Windsingers (Ki & Vandien) #3)
1984 | fantasy > high fantasy
(Windsingers (Ki & Vandien) #2)
1984 | fantasy > high fantasy
(Windsingers (Ki & Vandien) #1)
1983 | fantasy > high fantasy