M. M. Vaughan

The daughter of South American parents, Monica Meira Vaughan grew up in Spain before moving to London at the age of five where she learnt English by watching Sesame Street and reading every Roald Dahl book she could get her hands on.

On leaving school, and after a brief stint in public relations, Monica decided to train as a primary school teacher. She has spent the last eight years working in special needs, mostly with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Monica likes to start writing after midnight and it has been, until recently, her secret hobby. On the weekends she likes to try to catch up on her sleep.

She lives in London, England.

Edited by 2013-12-01 (Seregil of Rhiminee)

Book Covers

The Ability (The Ability #1)
Mindscape (The Ability #2)

Speculative Fiction Novels (4)

2019 | science fiction, young adult
2015 | science fiction, young adult
2014 | The Ability #2 | fantasy, young adult
The Ability
2013 | The Ability #1 | fantasy, young adult