Molly Tanzer

Molly Tanzer

Molly Tanzer is the Sydney J. Bounds and Wonderland Book Award-nominated author of two collections: A Pretty Mouth (Lazy Fascist, 2012) and Rumbullion and Other Liminal Libations (Egaeus, 2013). Her debut novel, Vermilion, was published by Word Horde in April of 2015, and her second novel, The Pleasure Merchant, is forthcoming from Lazy Fascist in November of 2015. She is also the editor of the forthcoming Swords v. Cthulhu (Stone Skin Press). Her Lovecraftian fiction has appeared in venues such as The Book of Cthulhu (I and II) (Night Shade), The Book of the Dead (Jurassic London) and The Starry Wisdom Library (PS Publishing). She has had additional short fiction appear in Schemers (Stone Skin Press), Running with the Pack (Prime Books) and The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction, among other places. She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and a very bad cat. She blogs - infrequently - about hiking, vegan cooking, movies, and other stuff at, and tweets as @molly_the_tanz.

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Book Covers
A Pretty Mouth
Rumbullion and Other Liminal Libations
Vermilion (Vermilion #1)
The Pleasure Merchant
Aleriel, A Voyage to Other Worlds
Swords v. Cthulhu
Creatures of Will and Temper
Creatures of Want and Ruin
Creatures of Charm and Hunger
Quicksilver (Vermilion #2)

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2021 | fantasy, steampunk | Release date 2021
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2018 | fantasy > historical fantasy + urban fantasy
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2015 | fantasy, steampunk

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