T. A. Uner

T. A. Uner

T. A. Uner has been fascinated with the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre since 1978, when as a youngster, he first watched Superman on the big screen.

He wrote his first story in 5th Grade, and bound it with construction paper. Little did he know that he wouldn't write another word for 18 years.

Upon graduating from George Mason University with a degree in Speech Communication & History, he began searching for a creative outlet. After his Father urged him to return to writing in 2003, he resumed his writing odyssey.

Mr. Uner loves hearing from readers, and chances are you'll enjoy conversing with him. He's a Capricorn, loves Pizza, and is housebroken. He lives in Virginia, where the weather is as chaotic as his imagination.

That's about it for now.


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Book Covers
The Leopard Vanguard (Leopard King Saga #1)
Kill Zombies
The Bloody Ripper
Stone Ram
Doctor Mars (Mindcop Dossiers #1)
The Leopard Stratagem (Leopard King Saga #2)
I, Mars (Mindcop Dossiers #2)
Forever Mars (Mindcop Dossiers #3)
Guns and Dogs (American Legends #1)
Mindcop Dossiers Series: Books 1, 2 & 3
The Leopard Apocalypse (Leopard King Saga #3)
The Leopard Resurrection (Leopard King Saga #4)

Speculative Fiction Novels (12)

(Leopard King Saga #4)
2023 | fantasy, history | Release date TBA
(Leopard King Saga #3)
2019 | fantasy, history
(Mindcop Dossiers)
2016 | science fiction, collection
(American Legends #1)
2016 | fantasy, young adult
(Mindcop Dossiers #3)
2015 | science fiction
(Mindcop Dossiers #2)
2014 | science fiction
(Leopard King Saga #2)
2014 | fantasy, history
(Mindcop Dossiers #1)
2014 | science fiction
(Leopard King Saga)
2014 | fantasy, young adult
(Leopard King Saga)
2014 | fantasy, thriller
(Leopard King Saga)
2013 | science fiction
(Leopard King Saga #1)
2013 | fantasy, history