Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry is an English actor, comedian, writer, and presenter who has made a significant impact on British popular culture. Born on August 24, 1957, in Hampstead, London, he attended the University of Cambridge where he studied English literature. Fry is known for his quick wit, eloquent language, and clever wordplay, which he has displayed in various roles on stage, television, and film.

Fry's acting career began in the 1980s with performances in British television shows such as "Blackadder" and "Jeeves and Wooster," where he played the role of Jeeves. He later starred in the film "Wilde" (1997), where he portrayed the Irish playwright Oscar Wilde. In addition to his acting, Fry has also worked as a screenwriter, producing the screenplays for the films "Bright Young Things" (2003) and "The Hippopotamus" (2017).

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