Michelle Gagnon

Michelle Gagnon

Michelle Gagnon (born 1971) is a an American author. To the delight of her parents, she gave up all these occupations for an infinitely more stable and lucrative career as a crime fiction writer.Michelle's novels have been published in North America, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Argentina, and Australia, and have been IMBA top 10 bestsellers.

Her Young Adult technothriller Don't turn around was nominated for a Thriller Award in the Young Adult category by the International Thriller Writer's Association. It was also selected as one of the best YA books of the year by Entertainment Weekly Magazine, Kirkus, Voya, and YALSA (the Young Adult Library Services Association); and was chosen for teen reading lists in Texas and Florida.  

Young Adult dystopian thriller Strangelets was released  in April, 2013. Publishers Weekly described it as, "Well-executed survivalist horror... Pulse-pounding;" and Kirkus said, "Three very different teens on the edge of death get firsthand experience of the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics."


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Speculative Fiction Novels (4)
2014  Don't Let Go (Persef0ne, #3)
/stars/0.png (science fiction, thriller, young adult)
2013  Don't Look Now (Persef0ne, #2)
/stars/0.png (science fiction, thriller, young adult)
2013  Strangelets
/stars/0.png (science fiction, young adult, mystery)
2012  Don't Turn Around (Persef0ne, #1)
/stars/4.png (science fiction, thriller, young adult)

Others non-spefi books (1)
2017  Unearthly Things
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