Geno Salvatore

Geno Salvatore

Geno Salvatore was born on November 5, 1985 in Leominster, MA. He graduated from Boston University in 2008. He co-authored The Stone of Tymora and the graphic novel, Legend of Drizzt: Neverwinter Tales. Geno is an avid gamer and worked as a narrative designer for computer game company 38 Studios. He has also worked on a number of game products, and comics.

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Books by Geno Salvatore
The Stowaway (Stone of Tymora #1) 5.78   38
The Shadowmask (Stone of Tymora #2) 6.28   21
The Sentinels (Stone of Tymora #3) 6.22   19

Speculative Fiction Novels (3)

(Stone of Tymora #3 / 3)
2010 | fantasy, young adult
(Stone of Tymora #2 / 3)
2009 | fantasy, young adult
(Stone of Tymora #1 / 3)
2008 | fantasy, young adult