Graham Austin-King

Graham Austin-King

Graham Austin-King began his writing with children's stories to entertain his children when walking them to and from school.  When he started getting demands to repeat the same story over and over again he decided to write them down.

Liam and the Grump was soon followed by Captain Pegleg and the Greatest Treasure.

Fantasy is the genre which has always appealed to him, a result of reading too many books and playing too many roleplaying games and computer games. Having weaned himself on Tolkein he cut his teeth on David Eddings and Raymond E. Feist.

Finally the keyboard beckoned, there were worlds to create.

Graham lives in Kent in England with his wife and three younger children.

Photo source: author's official website.

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Book Covers
Fae - The Wild Hunt (The Riven Wyrde Saga #1)
Fae - The Realm of Twilight (The Riven Wyrde Saga #2)
Fae - The Sins of The Wyrde (The Riven Wyrde Saga #3)
The Lore of Prometheus

Speculative Fiction Novels (6)

2018 | fantasy
(The Riven Wyrde Saga)
2017 | fantasy

2017 | fantasy > dark fantasy + high fantasy
(The Riven Wyrde Saga #3)
2015 | fantasy
(The Riven Wyrde Saga #2)
2014 | fantasy
(The Riven Wyrde Saga #1)
2014 | fantasy