Stephen Aryan

Stephen Aryan

"I’m a lifelong fan of fantasy and science fiction. It started with The Hobbit, The Belgariad, the Earthsea books, the Shannara books and then David Gemmell, who was a huge influence on me and my writing. For most of that time I have also been reading comics. It began with superhero comics from DC and Marvel, but now I read comics across many genres and from a wide variety of comic book publishers.

I’m a writer and podcaster. I’ve previously written a comic book column and comic book reviews for, developed intellectual property into comic book pitches for a media company, and self published a superhero comic. Since 2007 I have been co-hosting a comics and geek culture podcast. We recently moved networks to Geek Syndicate, renamed ourselves, Grouchy Old Geeks and rebooted our numbers. I have also spoken on panels at comic book conventions about comics and podcasting. I’m also working on several comic book projects.

I live in the UK in the West Midlands with my partner and two cats.  I’m an ageing  podcaster, lapsed gamer and wannabe forest ranger, and when not extolling the virtues of Babylon 5, you can find me drinking real ale, watching genre TV and reading comics."

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Book Covers
Battlemage (The Age of Darkness #1)
Bloodmage (The Age of Darkness #2)
Chaosmage (The Age of Darkness #3)
Mageborn (The Age of Dread #1)
Of Gods and Men
Magefall (The Age of Dread #2)
Magebane (The Age of Dread #3)7.76
The Coward (Quest for Heroes #1)7.76

Speculative Fiction Novels (8)

(Quest for Heroes #1)
2021 | fantasy > high fantasy | Release date June 8, 2021
(The Age of Dread #3)
2019 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Age of Dread #2)
2018 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Age of Darkness)
2018 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Age of Dread #1)
2017 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Age of Darkness #3)
2016 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Age of Darkness #2)
2016 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Age of Darkness #1)
2015 | fantasy > high fantasy