T. L. Morganfield

T. L. Morganfield

T. L. Morganfield lives in Colorado with her husband and children. She's an alumna of the Clarion West Workshop and she graduated from Metropolitan State University with dual degrees in English and History. She reads and writes way too much about Aztec history and mythology, but it keeps her muse happy, which makes for a happy writer, so she has no plans of changing her ways.

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Series by T. L. Morganfield

Books by T. L. Morganfield
Night Bird Soaring and Other Stories N/A
The Bone Flower Throne (The Bone Flower Trilogy #1) N/A
The Bone Flower Queen (The Bone Flower Trilogy #2) N/A
Fugitives of Fate N/A
The Bone Flower Goddess (The Bone Flower Trilogy #3) N/A

Speculative Fiction Novels (5)

(The Bone Flower Trilogy #3 of 3)
2016 | fantasy > historical fantasy
(One World Romance)
2015 | alternate history, romance
(The Bone Flower Trilogy #2 of 3)
2014 | fantasy > historical fantasy
(The Bone Flower Trilogy #1 of 3)
2013 | fantasy > historical fantasy

2012 | fantasy, alternate history, historical, short stories