Ken Liu

Ken Liu

Ken Liu (born 1976) is an American science-fiction and fantasy writer and translator of science fiction and literary stories from Chinese into English. His short stories have appeared in F&SF, Asimov's, Analog, Lightspeed, Clarkesworld, and multiple "Year's Best" anthologies.

His short story "The Paper Menagerie" is the first work of fiction, of any length, to win the Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy Awards. His short story, "Mono no aware" won the 2013 Hugo, and his novella "The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary" was also nominated for a Hugo. His translation of the novel The Three-Body Problem won the 2015 Hugo Award, the first translated novel in the awards' history to have won that honor.

Ken Liu is currently writing his series The Dandelion Dynasty (edited by Joe Monti) for Saga Press. The first novel in the series, The Grace of Kings, was a 2016 Nebula Award finalist. DMG Entertainment has licensed the worldwide film rights to the series. At Star Wars Celebration 2017 it was announced that Ken would be writing an official Star Wars novel called The Legends of Luke Skywalker.

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Speculative Fiction Novels (8)
2021  The Veiled Throne (The Dandelion Dynasty, #3)
/stars/0.png (fantasy > high fantasy)
Release date - June 29, 2021
2021  Speaking Bones (The Dandelion Dynasty, #4)
/stars/0.png (fantasy > high fantasy)
Release date - 2021
2020  The Hidden Girl and Other Stories
/stars/0.png (science fiction, fantasy, short stories)
2017  The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary
/stars/3.gif (science fiction)
2017  The Legends of Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)
/stars/35.gif (science fiction > space opera)
2016  The Wall of Storms (The Dandelion Dynasty, #2)
/stars/4.png (fantasy > high fantasy)
2016  The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories
/stars/45.gif (science fiction, fantasy, short stories)
2015  The Grace of Kings (The Dandelion Dynasty, #1)
/stars/25.gif (fantasy > high fantasy)

Comics and Anthology (2)
2019  Broken Stars
/stars/0.png (science fiction, anthology)
2016  Invisible Planets: An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese SF in Translation
/stars/0.png (science fiction, anthology)

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