Patricia Anthony

Patricia Anthony

Patricia Marie Anthony (1947–2013) was an American science fiction and slipstream author. Anthony published her first science fiction novel in 1992 with Cold Allies, about the arrival of extraterrestrials in the midst of a 21st-century Third World War. This was followed by Brother Termite, Conscience of the Beagle, The Happy Policeman, Cradle of Splendor, and God's Fires, each of which combined science fiction plots with other genres in unconventional ways. Several of her short-fiction works were republished in the 1998 collection Eating Memories.

Anthony's best-known and most critically acclaimed work is probably 1993's Brother Termite, a tale of political intrigue told from the perspective of the leader of extraterrestrials who have occupied the United States. James Cameron acquired the movie rights to Brother Termite and John Sayles wrote a script, but the movie has not been produced.

Following her initial success, Anthony taught creative writing at Southern Methodist University for three years, and as her career progressed she moved farther away from the traditional boundaries of the science fiction genre. Her 1998 novel Flanders - the highly metaphysical story of an American sharpshooter in World War I - represented a clean break with her science fiction past and her final outing with Ace Books. It was a critical, if not commercial, success.

After the publication of Flanders, Anthony ceased writing science fiction to work as a screenwriter, though none of her scripts have been green-lighted. Anthony completed a new novel in 2006, but it remains unpublished.

Anthony lived in Brazil during the 1970s and later drew upon that experience for Cradle of Splendor.

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Speculative Fiction Novels (8)
2015  The Sighting
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1997  God's Fires
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1997  Eating Memories
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1996  Cradle of Splendor
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1994  Happy Policeman
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1993  Cold Allies
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1993  Brother Termite
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1993  Conscience of the Beagle
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Others non-spefi books (1)
1998  Flanders
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