John Claude Smith

John Claude Smith originally wanted to be a horror writer; now he’s not sure what it is he writes, he just knows it is dark, and he’s the one holding a flashlight, shining light on those places most people would want to avoid, scribbling notes.

He has written fiction, poetry and bad lyrics for as long as he can remember. At a point when he decided to get serious with fiction, sending out stories and getting a few acceptances in the early 1990s, he was side-tracked for many years by music journalism (as JC Smith), including stints as the industrial, experimental, gothic, metal, and all fringe categories reviewer for a variety of magazines including Outburn, Industrial Nation, Side-Line, and Alternative Press. He believes the over 1,100 reviews, articles, profiles, etc., he wrote helped hone his skills for the fiction gig. Finally back on the fiction path, he’s had over 60 short stories and 15 poems published, as well as a debut collection of “not your average horror,” The Dark Is Light Enough For Me. His second collection, Autumn in the Abyss, was published by Omnium Gatherum in March of 2014. He is presently writing his third novel, while shopping around the other two. Busy is good.

He splits his time between the East Bay of northern California, across from San Francisco, and Rome, Italy, where his heart resides always.

Words Matter!

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Speculative Fiction Novels (8)
2018  Occasional Beasts
(horror, short stories)
2017  The Wilderness Within
2016  The Wrath of Concrete and Steel
(horror, short stories)
2015  Riding the Centipede
(science fiction, horror, mystery)
2014  Vox Terrae
2014  Dandelions
2014  Autumn in the Abyss
(horror, short stories)
2011  The Dark Is Light Enough for Me
(horror, short stories)