Kim Liggett

Kim Liggett

At sixteen, Kim Liggett left her rural Midwestern town for New York City, where she pursued a career in music and acting. While attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Kim sang backup for some of the biggest rock bands of the 80s. After settling down to have a family, she became an entrepreneur, creating a children's art education program and a travel company specializing in tours for musicians. She's married to jazz musician Ken Peplowski, and has two beautiful teenagers.

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Book Covers
Blood and Salt (Blood and Salt #1)
The Last Harvest
Heart of Ash (Blood and Salt #2)
The Unfortunates
The Grace Year8.22

Speculative Fiction Novels (4)

2019 | science fiction > dystopia, young adult
(Blood and Salt #2)
2018 | horror, romance, young adult

2017 | horror, young adult
(Blood and Salt #1)
2015 | horror, romance, young adult

Others non-spefi books (1)

2018 | thriller, young adult