Daniel Braum

Daniel Braum

Daniel Braum’s fiction has been classified as fantasy, science fiction, and horror but he prefers the good old fashioned term of just “fiction”, which when he was growing up simply meant a story were anything could happen. His stories frequently defy category and reside in the areas between genres, utilizing and combining genre elements to produce tales that are wholly unique.

Much of his fiction is set in the here and now and explores places on the edges of civilization. His stories seek to illuminate the human condition as characters encounter something unexplainable or supernatural and often very dark before achieving some insight, resolution, or ray of light. Another line of stories are science fiction tales with speculative elements that border on the fantastic or magical. Setting always plays a prominent role.

He was a reader at Ellen Datlow and Gavin J. Grant’s Fantastic Fiction reading series in New York’s KGB bar and has been a guest on Jim Fruend’s long running Hour of the Wolf radio show. His stories have received honorable mentions in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror anthology series.

He is currently finishing the final revisions on his first novel, a supernatural thriller set in Belize. He is seeking representation.

He lives in Long Island, New York though he often wishes he was on the streets of Brisbane Australia with its glowing sculptures and giant fruit bats high in the dusk sky or eating chicken tikka masala in Punjabi Palace after a Thursday night reading at Avid Reader bookshop.

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2016  The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales
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