Lisa Maxwell

Lisa Maxwell

Lisa Maxwell is the New York Times Best-selling Author of The Last Magician.The book is being translated into seven languages and has been sold in nine territories. Her other books include the award-winning Unhooked, as well as Sweet Unrest, and Gathering Deep. She has a PhD in English and currently is a professor at a community college outside of D.C. She has a soft spot for loud music and fast cars, so when she's not teaching or writing, you can probably find her catching a live band or going on adventures with her husband and two boys in the Challenger she named Viola.

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Book Covers
Sweet Unrest (Sweet Unrest #1)
Gathering Deep (Sweet Unrest #2)
The Last Magician (The Last Magician #1)
The Devil's Thief (The Last Magician #2)
The Serpent's Curse (The Last Magician #3)7.34

Speculative Fiction Novels (6)

(The Last Magician #3)
2021 | fantasy, young adult
(The Last Magician #2)
2018 | fantasy, young adult
(The Last Magician #1)
2017 | fantasy, young adult

2016 | fantasy, young adult
(Sweet Unrest #2)
2015 | fantasy, young adult
(Sweet Unrest #1)
2014 | fantasy, young adult