James Brogden

James Brogden

James Brogden is the author of The Narrows, Tourmaline and The Realt. His horror and fantasy stories have appeared in anthologies and periodicals ranging from The Big Issue to the British Fantasy Society Award-winning Alchemy Press. He spent many years living in Australia, but now lives in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire with his wife and two daughters.

Edited: Seregil of Rhiminee August 02, 2016
Book Covers
The Narrows
Tourmaline (Tourmaline #1)
The Realt (Tourmaline #2)
Hekla's Children
The Hollow Tree
The Plague Stones7.34
The Cache
Bone Harvest7.34

Speculative Fiction Novels (9)

2020 | horror
(Warhammer Horror)
2020 | horror

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2017 | horror

2015 | horror, short stories
(Tourmaline #2)
2015 | fantasy
(Tourmaline #1)
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2012 | fantasy > urban fantasy