Turning Point (Sholan Alliance, #1)
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Turning Point

by Lisanne Norman
Release date: 1993
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

CUT OFF FROM EARTH by alien conquerors, the human colony on Keiss was slowly building an underground resistance movement to stand against the Valtegan invaders. But for many of the colonists, it was already too late.

Her twin sister Elise captured by Valtegan soldiers, Carrie, telepathically and empathically linked with Elise, experienced all the pain and terror that her sister was suffering. Only her twin's death freed Carrie from torment, though it also left her completely alone in her own mind for the first time in her life. But this mental void was unexpectedly filled when Kusac, a felinoid crewman of a crashed starship, touched her thoughts. Drawn to him by their shared Talent, Carrie hid the injured Kusac from the Valtegans, and in so doing found a friend and an invaluable ally.

Yet though the trust and understanding between Carrie and Kusac was soon unshakable, it would prove far more difficult to convince each of their races that their only hope of overthrowing the Valtegans was to band together against the common foe. And even for no one on any of the settled worlds had yet found a way to defeat this warrior race ready to lay waste to any civilization they could not conquer.

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First book in a great series. It's a bit rough as it is her first book and just starting to flesh out the world's but over all is a good read. If you like space operas and cats you should read it. I've read it numerous times over the years and it still holds up for me. The first time being about 20 years ago when I had found the second in the series on my mom's book shelf. Read it loved it hunted down the rest of the series

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