The Silent House: A Chronicle of Aglirta

by Ed Greenwood
Release date: 2004
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

The Silvertree House. A ruined, labyrinthine stone palace. To fans of best-selling author Ed Greenwood's Band of Four novels, it has become better known as "the Silent House," long abandoned by one of the great noble families of the kingdom of Aglirta. The Silvertrees left it to crumble because of a legendary curse: to dwell for too long in the Silent House slays those of the blood of Silvertree, or drives them mad.

THE SILENT HOUSE traces the dark story of the palace from the time of its construction, to the events of the Band of Four novels, and beyond, as the fate of the Silvertree family becomes entangled in the intrigues of the shape-shifting Koglaur – the Faceless – and in the machinations of the Serpent's evil followers. Generations will pass, each falling victim to the curse, as adventuring parties in pursuit of its long-rumored treasures come face to face with the terrifying secrets stalking its grounds, and as the Silvertree family members returning to reclaim its shadowy halls meet with their untimely deaths... or worse....

Truly epic in scope, THE SILENT HOUSE pushes the Band of Four series to the next level, demonstrating the awesome world-building vision that has made Ed Greenwood a legend in the realm of fantasy.

updated 2010-09-07

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