Mystery Walk - Robert R. McCammon

They first met as boys at a hellfire-and-salvation evangelist meeting in the heart of the southland. An inexplicable energy passed between them and from that night on they both dreamed the same dream... an eagle of grey smoke locked in interminable conbat with a rattlesnake of crimson fire.

Billy Creekmore, the poor farmer's son, with the Choctaw blood that empowered him to ease the souls of the sudden dead from their earthbound torment.

Wayne Falconer, the son of a crusading preacher, with the power of healing through fingers alive with blue fire.

Through their young years and into manhood, wherever their paths crossed a fearsome enmity flared. One of them wanted the other dead.

Out in the night roamed the Shape-Changer, the evil one of Choctaw legend.

And the Shape-Changer wanted them both dead...

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Release date: 1983
Genres: horror
Updated: January 16, 2017