Mine - Robert R. McCammon

Bram Stoker Award winner 1990.

With over five million copies of his work in print, Robert R. McCammon has earned the reputation as one of the most innovative storytellers of our time. His New York Times bestselling novels, Swan Song, Stinger, and The Wolf's Hour, explore fantastic landscapes and the hearts and minds of those who inhabit them. Now his dramatic new creation, Mine, rivals Thomas Harris's The Silence of the Lambs for sheer, riveting storytelling power. It is a novel of psychological terror and unrelenting suspense set against the backdrop of America today.

Laura Clayborne is a successful journalist, the wife of a stockbroker with her own BMW and a house in the right Atlanta suburb. Her biological clock ticking down, her marriage foundering, Laura hopes that her newborn son, David, will make her life everything it ought to be.

Mary Terrell, aka Mary Terror, is a scarred and battered survivor of the radical '60s. Once a member of the fanatical Storm Front Brigade, Mary now lives in a hallucinatory world of memories, guns, and above all, murderous rage. Prompted by a personals ad in Rolling Stone, she becomes convinced that the former leader of the Brigade, the man she knows as Lord Jack, is commanding her to bring him the child she was carrying when her life and the lives of the other Storm Front radicals exploded in a bloody shootout with the FBI.

Mary Terror steals Laura's baby from a hospital room, and heads west on her journey of the damned: clutching an innocent child to her side, killing anyone who gets in her way, searching for Lord Jack. Stunned, weakened, Laura realizes that the woman who stole her baby is getting away with it, and sets out to hunt her down. What Laura doesn't know is that the closer she gets to Mary Terror the more she will have to learn to think and act like her - even to kill like her...

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Release date: 1990
Genres: thriller
Tags: bram stoker award
Updated: August 24, 2021