The Roar

Emma Clayton
science fiction > dystopia, young adult
The Roar (The Roar #1) - Emma Clayton

Twelve-year old twins, Mika and Ellie, live in a future behind a wall - safe from the plague animals beyond. Or so they've been told. But when one of them disappears, and the other takes part in a sinister virtual reality game, they begin to discover their concrete world is built on lies. Determined to find each other again, they go in search of the truth. And as a strange sound in their heads grows to a roar, they find out that children and the planet have never mattered more.

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Release date: July 7, 2008
Genres: science fictiondystopia, young adult
Average rating: 10.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: August 14, 2021

The Roar :: Series

The Roar (The Roar #1)
The Whisper (The Roar #2)