Entanglement by Martha Wells 5.34   3

Leap of faith…

When Dr. Rodney McKay unlocks an Ancient mystery on a distant moon, he discovers a terrifying threat to the Pegasus galaxy.

Determined to disable the device before it's discovered by the Wraith, Colonel John Sheppard and his team navigate the treacherous ruins of an Ancient outpost. But attempts to destroy the technology are complicated by the arrival of a stranger – a stranger who can't be trusted, a stranger who needs the Ancient device to return home. Cut off from backup, under attack from the Wraith, and with the future of the universe hanging in the balance, Sheppard's team must put aside their doubts and step into the unknown.

However, when your mortal enemy is your only ally, betrayal is just a heartbeat away…

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Release date March 2007
Details updated January 18, 2017

Stargate Atlantis

Series contains 7 total works.

Main series Stargate Metaverse
Related series Stargate Atlantis: Legacy

Reliquary 6.00   3
Halcyon 6.00   1
Entanglement 5.34   3
Nightfall 6.00   1
Dead End 6.00   1
Brimstone 6.00   1
Lost Queen 8.00   1

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Seregil of Rhiminee
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