Sudden Death (Blood Bowl #3) - Matt Forbeck

Sudden Death is also known as Death Match.

This is the year the Hackers make a run for the Blood Bowl. They finally seem to have the right team in place. If they can survive until the Blood Bowl tournament, they stand a good chance of winning it all. Dunk's younger brother Dirk is traded to the Hackers this season, over Dunk's objections. The two fight off the field, both of them blaming the other for their family's troubles. On the field, though, they make one of the greatest passer-catcher teams of all time. Meanwhile, Schlechter Zauberer gets his hands on the Albion Leagues cup via Gunther the Gobbo. Studying the runes on it, he realizes he can finally use it to fulfill his dream of ultimate power. The heroes spend much of the book hunting down Zauberer in an effort to recover the cup, but he foils them time and again. In the end, Zauberer succeeds in thrusting the Blood Bowl from Altdorf into a demonic realm. To survive, the heroes must play an all-star game against the worst players all of Chaos has to offer. If they win, Emperors' Stadium returns to its own world. If they fail, all of Altdorf is doomed to join them in this hellish realm forever.

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Release date: 2006
Genres: fantasy
Updated: September 07, 2010

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