The Ships of Air (The Fall of Ile-Rien, #2)
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The Ships of Air

by Martha Wells
Release date: 2004
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Despite a valiant struggle against superior forces, the country of Ile-Rien has fallen to the onslaught of the relentless Gardier, a faceless army of sorcerers determined to conquer all civilization.

To save the remnants of her country, former playwright Tremaine Valiarde undertakes an epic journey to stop the Gardier. Rescuing the proud ship Queen Ravenna from destruction, Tremaine and a resolute band of warriors and mages set sail across magical seas on a voyage of danger and discovery. For the secret to defeating the enemy – and to rescuing the world from Gardier's inimitable hatred – lies far beyond the walls of the world, and only the tenuous ties of friendship and honor will keep them together.

But the Gardier are not the only evil in this tumultuous world, and an ancient terror stalks the ornate rooms and shadowy decks of the Queen Ravenna – a force so malevolent and enigmatic that even the growing power of the sorcerer's sphere may not be enough to save them from utter ruin. This book is the second novel in a trilogy that began with The Wizard Hunters. It is set in the same world as The Death of the Necromancer and The Element of Fire.

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