My Experiences in the Third World War

by Michael Moorcock
Release date: 1980
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, short stories

A collection of short fiction.

  • Going to Canada (1980)
  • Leaving Pasadena (1980)
  • Crossing into Cambodia (1979)
  • The Dodgem Division (1969)
  • The Adventures of Jerry Cornelius: The English Assassin (1969, a comic strip)
  • Peace on Earth (1959)
  • The Lovebeast (1966)
  • The Real Life Mr. Newman (1966)

My Experiences in the Third World War is a potpourri of Moorcock's experimentation, spanning more than twenty years of his writing career. The title refers to an opening trilogy of short stories written in 1978–79: Going to Canada, Leaving Pasadena, and Crossing into Cambodia. They are the compelling eschatological memoirs of a Russian political officer as he experiences an "alternative apocalypse" in which America and Russia are allied in a rather ambiguous Armageddon.

Moorcock's focus in these stories, however, is not the "Third World War", but the nature of his narrator. The experiment is one of narrative subjectivity, in which the narrator "is revealed not so much by what he says as by what he selects to say to the reader."

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