The Time Dweller

Michael Moorcock
science fiction, fantasy, short stories
The Time Dweller - Michael Moorcock

A collection of short fiction.

  • The Time Dweller (1964)
  • Escape from Evening (1965)
  • The Deep Fix (1964)
  • The Golden Barge (1965, novella version)
  • Wolf (1966)
  • Consuming Passion (1966)
  • The Ruins (1966)
  • The Pleasure Garden of Felipe Sagittarius (1965)
  • The Mountain (1965)

The Earth rolled, salt-chocked, round a dying sun. On its bleak inhospitable surface the last lonely remnants of mankind resigned themselves to extinction. Time, it seemed, had run out for humanity.

Yet time itself held the key to survival. If man was to be supplanted from his native planet, perhaps only infinity would afford him a refuge. Only the age-long cliches with which his mind was fettered barred him from a whole new dimension – and a future of unimaginable splendor.

Here is a book packed with the fantastic imagery of all that is best in Michael Moorcock. Here is doom and despair, and again dazzling hope and inspired genius.

THE TIME DWELLER could only have been written by the author of the Elric and Runestaff sagas...

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Release date: 1969
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, short stories
Average rating: 8.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: August 19, 2021