Children of the Night - Dan Simmons6.30

Winner of the Locus Award (1993).

In a desolate orphanage in what remains of post-Communist Romania, a desperately ill infant is given the wrong blood transfusion and flourishes when he's supposed to die. The discovery of his unique immune system may hold the key to the long-awaited cure for cancer and AIDS.

For a dedicated American doctor, he promises the medical breakthrough of a lifetime, as well as a very special love she's never been able to find. But he also conceals a shockingly intimate link to a clan of vampires and their legendary leader the fiend the world calls Vlad Dracula, who, for centuries, has triumphed over countless rival tyrants, including death itself...

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Release date: 1992
Genres: horror
Tags: locus award, vampires
Average rating: 6.30/10
Total ratings: 30
Updated: August 23, 2021