Worlds Enough & Time: Five Tales of Speculative Fiction
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Worlds Enough & Time: Five Tales of Speculative Fiction

by Dan Simmons
Release date: 2001
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, short stories

An extraordinary artist with few rivals in his chosen arena, Dan Simmons possesses a restless talent that continually presses boundaries while tantalizing the mind and touching the soul. Now he offers us a superb quintet of novellas – five dazzling masterworks of speculative fiction, including Orphans of the Helix, his award-winning return to the Hyperion Universe – that demonstrates the unique mastery, breathtaking invention, and flawless craftsmanship of one of contemporary fiction's true greats.

  • Human colonists seeking something other than godhood encounter their long-lost "cousins"... and an ancient scourge.

  • A devastated man in suicide's embrace is caught up in a bizarre cat-and-mouse game with a young woman possessing a world-ending power.

  • The distant descendants of a once-oppressed people learn a chilling lesson about the persistence of the past.

  • A terrifying ascent up the frigid, snow-swept slopes of K2 shatters preconceptions and reveals the true natures of four climbers, one of whom is not human.

  • At the intersection of a grand past and a threadbare present, an aging American in Russia confronts his own mortality as he glimpses a wondrous future.

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