The Infinite Sea (The Chaos Chronicles, #3)
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The Infinite Sea

by Jeffrey A. Carver
Release date: 1996
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

In an alien sea...

John Bandicut and his company of friends have journeyed from the mysterious Shipworld back into the galaxy. The "star-spanner" bubble which carried them has brought them to an ocean world... and left them underwater, and sinking rapidly. Caught by mer creatures, they are brought to an undersea city, where the race of sea-people known as the Neri live in perpetual night. The Neri roam the ocean at will. But they face multiple dangers – ranging from an inimical race called the landers, to a failure of their irreplaceable deepsea factories, to a terrifyingly powerful object in the deep abyss, now stirring back to life.

Is this why the company was brought here – to help the Neri, as alien powers helped save Earth? For Bandicut, the discovery that the Maw of the Abyss is a stargate – perhaps a stargate gone wrong – is only the beginning of an answer.

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The Chaos Chronicles(1-3) by Jeffery A. Carver I've got to admit that I really enjoyed the first book of this trilogy Neptune Crossing which I received free from the author's website. So I purchased the Trilogy and it did not disappoint me. In the first book the reader is introduced to John Bandicut who is some sort of Neuro-link jockey who controls ships and other devices through a direct link to his brain. We discover as it goes that his link was damaged and then further damaged by ... (more)
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