Map of Dreams

by M. Rickert
Map of Dreams - M. Rickert 8.00   1

Set in a reality where nightmares do not fade upon waking, this anthology skims along the surface of life and dips just beneath, revealing the hidden machinations that fuel dreams. These underlying myths and fantasies exist not as musty old stories but as ancient truths that have come to illuminate the modern human condition.

The title story touches on themes of grief, redemption, and time travel; Cold Fire ventures into love and obsession; and Peace on Suburbia introduces readers to a Christmas with an entirely different kind of savior. These and 13 other tales are framed by four interludes – Dreams, Nightmares, Waking, and Rising – that guide readers through a world that is at once familiar and eerily off-kilter.

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Release date 2006
Details updated August 27, 2022
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