Secret Story

by Ramsey Campbell
Secret Story by Ramsey Campbell 8.00   1

British Fantasy Society: Best Novel nominee (2006).

Secret Story is also known as Secret Stories.

You're an underpaid civil servant who dreams of chucking it all to become a famous author. You live with your overbearing mother who always seems to interrupt when you're writing a key scene. Your imagination is dark, your inspiration the terrible things that happen to can happen to a young woman traveling alone...

Your terrifying short story about a horrible murder on an underground train is to be published. Even better, it will be made into a movie. A pretty young journalist is pursuing you.

You've been fired.
The journalist wants an interview, not a date.
The film's director wants you to make a few changes in your story.
And, worst of all, your imagination has run dry.

You'll just have to kill someone new...

Category: Horror

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Release date 2005
Details updated September 7, 2010
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