Ghosts and Grisly Things

by Ramsey Campbell
Ghosts and Grisly Things by Ramsey Campbell 8.00   1

British Fantasy Society: Best Collection nominee (1998).

Ramsey Campbell's novels have justly won him acclaim as one of the best writers of the age. A three-time winner of the World Fantasy Award and an eight-time winner of the British Fantasy Award, his writing has struck a chord with readers worldwide.

But throughout his career he has also written insightful, terrifying, and disturbing short fiction. Ghosts & Grisly Things is a collection of the best of Campbell's short works from the past two decades. This book also features the story Ra*e which appears here for the first time anywhere.


  • The Same in Any Language
  • Going Under
  • The Alternative
  • Out of the Woods
  • A Street Was Chosen
  • McGonagall in the Head
  • Through the Walls
  • This Time
  • The Sneering
  • Between the Floors
  • Where They Lived
  • Root Cause
  • Looking Out
  • The Dead Must Die
  • A Side of the Sea
  • Missed Connection
  • The Change
  • Welcomeland
  • See How They Run
  • Ra*e

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Release date 1998
Details updated January 19, 2015
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