The End of the Story (The Collected Fantasies, #1)
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The End of the Story

by Clark Ashton Smith
Release date: 2007
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, horrorweird fiction, short stories

Edited by Scott Connors and Ron Hilger. Introduction by Ramsey Campbell. Cover art by Jason Van Hollander.

The End of the Story is the first in a five-volume set collecting the definitive texts of Clark Ashton Smith's fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Edited by Scott Connors and Ron Hilger, who have put together a definitive set of texts based on Smith's notes, manuscripts, and letters. Endorsed by Arkham House and authorized by Smith's estate, this is the edition for any self-respecting Clark Ashton Smith fan.


  • Introduction by Ramsey Campbell
  • A Note on the Texts
  • The Abominations of Yondo
  • Sadastor
  • The Ninth Skeleton
  • The Last Incantation
  • The End of the Story
  • The Phantoms of the Fire
  • A Night in Malnent
  • The Resurrection of the Rattlesnake
  • Thirteen Phantasms
  • The Venus of Azombeii
  • The Tale of Satampra Zeiros
  • The Monster of the Prophecy
  • The Metamorphosis of the World
  • The Epiphany of Death
  • A Murder in the Fourth Dimension
  • The Devotee of Evil
  • The Satyr
  • The Planet of the Dead
  • The Uncharted Isle
  • Marooned in Andromeda
  • The Necromantic Tale
  • The Immeasurable Horror
  • A Voyage to Sfanome
  • Appendix One : Story Notes
  • Appendix Two : "The Satyr": Alternate Conclusion
  • Appendix Three : From the Crypts of Memory
  • Appendix Four : Bibliography
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